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Individuals from around the world are improving their lives and their communities by incorporating the practice of forgiveness into their daily life. Forgiveness does not necessarily come easily, but it is possible for many of us to achieve, if we have the right tools. Your actions make a difference.

Tools & Resources

With practice, most anyone can learn to be forgiving. Make forgiveness part of your life by exploring our tools and techniques for implementing forgiveness.

Forgiveness Forums

Templeton World Charity Foundation has collaborated with partner organizations to host the Forgiveness Forums. Each iteration of this series focuses on a different theme within forgiveness with expert panelists in their field. Watch these events to learn how forgiveness impacts a variety of issues from education and well-being to global leadership.


Forgiveness is a continuous process of the head and the heart. To learn more about forgiveness and stay updated on our upcoming events, subscribe to our newsletter for occasional updates about our work on forgiveness.