facebookForgiving the Self and Physical and... by Don E. Davis,Man Yee Ho,Brandon J. Griffin,Chris Bell,Joshua N. Hook,Daryl R. Van Tongeren,Cirleen DeBlaere,Everett L. Worthington, Jr.,Charles J. Westbrook | Templeton

Improve physical and mental health

Forgiving the Self and Physical and Mental Health Correlates: A Meta-analytic Review

Don E. Davis, Man Yee Ho, Brandon J. Griffin, Chris Bell, Joshua N. Hook, Daryl R. Van Tongeren, Cirleen DeBlaere, Everett L. Worthington, Jr., Charles J. Westbrook

Journal of Counseling Psychology, 2015

Research details

Type of paper: Integrative/Synthetic Review

Sample size: 23592

Open Access: No


Self-forgiveness has been conceptualized as a coping strategy that may improve health and well-being. To better understand the functions of self-forgiveness, this meta-analysis examines the correlates of self-forgiveness associated with physical and mental health. For physical health, across 18 samples and 5,653 participants, the correlation was .32. For psychological well-being, across 65 samples and 17,939 participants, the correlation was .45. To augment this primary focus on physical and mental health correlates, we estimated the relationships between self-forgiveness and specific mental health constructs and relationship outcomes. Implications for future basic and applied research on self-forgiveness are discussed.