facebookPromoting Forgiveness at a Christia... by Loren L. Toussaint,Brandon J. Griffin,Everett L. Worthington, Jr.,Mitchell Zoelzer,Frederic Luskin | Templeton

By using the REACH Forgiveness and Forgive for Good models

Promoting Forgiveness at a Christian College: A Comparison of the REACH Forgiveness and Forgive for Good Methods

Loren L. Toussaint, Brandon J. Griffin, Everett L. Worthington, Jr., Mitchell Zoelzer, Frederic Luskin

Journal of Psychology and Theology, 2020

Research details

Type of paper: Primary Empirical Study

Sample size: 99

Open Access: No


The present study is the first randomized, controlled trial comparing REACH Forgiveness and Forgive for Good, two of the most commonly used approaches to promote forgiveness. Additionally, the combined effects of psychoeducation and a community forgiveness intervention were examined. Psychoeducation participants were 99 Luther College students randomly assigned to six hours of one of two types of forgiveness training led by undergraduate facilitators or a control condition. The community forgiveness intervention involved campus-wide modifications to the environment that were difficult for most students to not notice. Unforgiveness and forgiveness were measured at pre-, post-intervention, and two-month follow-up. Both forgiveness groups reported decreased unforgiveness and increased forgiveness pre- to post-intervention, and these gains were maintained at follow-up. Both methods were found to be equally effective, can be taught by undergraduates, and were effective in tandem with a community intervention.